Fouriertransform owned Vicura AB receives contract from Scania to develop a new transmission variant

The Trollhättan-based engineering company Vicura has been awarded a contract from
Scania to develop a new transmission variant.
The Project reaches over 1½ years and includes manufacturing of prototypes.

“Vicura is proud to have a company like Scania as our customer and sees this as a
beginning of a long term relationship” says Vicura CEO, Dennis Lundgren

“We would like to evaluate an engineering service company from Sweden which has
experience from transmission development” says Göran Sandgren, senior manager of
Scania’s transmission development

For further information please contact: Magnus Wall, Sales Director Vicura AB, +46 520 290003
Vicura is a Trollhättan based engineering company, owned by Fouriertransform, with long experience in creating solutions in the technological forefront of transmission and hybrid development. Our customers are global companies in the automotive, marine, wind power and defense industries.